Violence in the Community

Over these past few recent years the CDC conducted a research over community violence. In these past years on average 15 teens died everyday from violence, most of these where from firearm relations. Unbelievably 750,000 teens are treated in the ER’s around America for violence related injures every year. A more recent study shows that 33% of teens had been a physical fight in the past year. It also states that 17% said that they had brought a weapon of some sort to school in the past 30 days. Teen homicide is the leading cause of death in the African-American race, most of these victims are male, but some females have been reported as well. This affects teenagers around America especially and the age group 18-25.

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Why do Teens get Violent?

  • Most teens are violent because of their home life.
  • They get like this because they don't think that anyone cares about them.
  • They keep there anger bottled up inside and don't do anything about it.
  • The teens decide to take their anger out with rage and violence.
  • This doesn't make anything better by any means.
  • Teen violence needs to be stop now!

How can we stop this / Coping Skills


  • Talk to your children about their problems everyday.
  • Create a time session to talk to them in.
  • Don't leave your teen if you see they are in need of assistance.
  • If the teen is left alone, building up anger/depression, they could lead to violence down the road.
  • Try to get a more "friend" relation with your teen, so they don't think of you as an elder.
  • If you feel your child is doing something suspicious, keep an eye on them.
  • Parents here is a good website to go to if your having problems with your teen.(


  • Don't allow prejudice or stereotype talking in the classroom. This ensures that the class room is a safe place to feel free and talk.
  • When there is downtime or free time in the class room, listen to what the students are saying.
  • Get involved with student lead organizations for Anti-Violence.
  • Watch the students moods such as, lack of interest, violent games, depression and mood swings, and so forth.
  • Discuss was to prevent violence with students and make them talk about it.
  • When I say make them talk I mean say "hey this discussion will be for a grade, you must participate." or something like that.

-Teens Set goals for yourself.

  • Talk with your parents.
  • Talk with your school guidance counselor.
  • Set a time to talk with someone you can trust, so you don't keep your anger bottled up.
  • If depressed, make sure you don't go further down, do things that make you happy
  • Things such as work out, read, and other things like that. Don't be violent.
  • Here is a good website for troubled teens. (

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Connection with Romeo and Juliet

MERCUTIO-Good King of Cats, nothing but one of your nine lives, that I mean to make bold withal, and, as you shall use me hereafter, dry-beat the rest of the eight. Will you pluck your sword out of his pilcher by the ears? Make haste, lest mine be about your ears ere it be out.

Meaning-This is Mercutio saying he wants to fight Tybalt, which is violent. The "Good King of Cats" parts says that Mercutio will take 1 of his 9 lives and depending on the fight, he just my beat the other 8 remaining out of him. He then say "will you pull your sword from your sheath" that means asking him if he will fight. He then states if he is going to fight that he needs to be ready quick because Mercutio will have his sword out and to Tybalt's ears before Tybalt can even draw his sword. This fight doesn't solve anything in the end because they both end up dying.