Definitions of Peer pressure on the Web:
Peer pressure refers to the influence exerted by a peer group in encouraging a person to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms. ...
The reason why it is a problem is because all kids are different and they don’t always do the same. If a teen is having sex they think that everyone should to do it. It is the same thing with smoking and stealing. Some people do thing to be cool and doing horrible things don’t make you cool or anything it just hurts you more cause afterwards you will feel horrible about it. Anyone can be having peer pressure you can see it on T.V. or the radio. But most of the time it happens at school. Some of the thing you might get pressure to do is:
· Wearing 'the right' clothes - this might contribute to fights with your parents, not having money to do other things you like to do, or even doing things like stealing to get the gear you need to 'look right'.
· Trying smokes, alcohol, dope or other stuff - these are not so good for your health and can lead to accidents, fights, and trouble with the police.
· Missing school - this can lead to trouble at school, with your parents and maybe with other friends too.
· Teasing, bullying or hurting other people - you can end up feeling bad about this, not to mention how the person who is the target might feel!
· Too much dieting or body building - trying to be 'thin' or 'muscular' to get people to like you doesn't work and can actually harm your body.
A lot of teens have problems like this and this is how you should deal with it.
How to deal with it is to just walk away it is hard but you got to what is best for you and yourself.
Have someone to talk to if you don’t it will be hard to work with this pressure.
You can go anywhere for help cause there are many people that can help at school, home or in the community. The solution is to try to stay away from the pressure if it is your friends then get new one it is hard but it works. You can helps people that has peer pressure by talking to them about it or other things that is on their mind like their behavior is a really big one you can give them advice. Just really pat attention to them.

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