Changes in the English Language
Shakespeare's writings have had a massive affect on the English language. Before and during Shakespeare's time, the grammar and rules of English were not solid. But once Shakespeare's plays became famous in the late seventeenth and eighteenth century, they had a part in fixing the requirements of the English language.

With many Shakespearean words and phrases becoming established in the English language, particularly through projects such as Samuel Johnson's A Dictionary of the English Language which referenced Shakespeare more than any other writer in the entire dictionary. He amplified are minds of English literature by showing us new words and phrases, testing with blank verse, and also presented fresh poetic and grammatical structures.
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The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is over 400 years old! It only held plays during the day so they didn't have to use artificial light, to let the real light in they built it around a roofless courtyard. Almost all of Shakespeare plays were performed in the Globe Theatre. No one actually know what the the theatre looks like, but Shakespeare describes it as octagonal. While people watched the play they had there own kind of style of popcorn, hazelnuts. When they discovered they theatre in 1989 they found a great number of hazelnut shells. There were three levels(galleries) in the Globe Theatre. The top gallery was were the wealthier people sat, and the level right below that was where the middle class people sat. The very bottom level is called "the pit." The people that sit down there are called "groundlings" these are the poor people. The pit is where the stage extended into.
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Drama ChangesShakespear has changed drama in a better way for all of us, making it better for all of us. With Shakespears changes in drama it has made drama more entertaining. Shakespear is one of the best storytellers of all time! Even modern storytellers adapt to Shakespears ways and ideas. In Shakespears dramas he made compelling characters, something that know other earlier drama storyteller did. One of his biggest changes from older drama was the catastrophic characters he put in his stories. Many of the now thought to be clichés were created by Shakespear. You probably use them without knowing them, like the cliché "neither here nor there." What Shakespear did in his stories that no one else could do was sum up human emotions in just a few phrases, which first made him popular.


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