Don't react. Don’t ever take the other person seriously, he/she is only behaving on a road rage feelings.

let your eyes meet with a tempered driver.

Before you counter to something ask yourself, "Is getting back at that jerk worth my life?"
People old enough to use a car are still childish and pretty much have no solo driving knowledge. Hormones and brain development act a portion in how teens react to emotional stimuli. Teens have none or very little assurance in their skills and may be scared of having an accident or getting killed. A close call with a wreck or coping with another motorist's ignorant rudeness can cause sudden and overwhelming stress. The reaction is now aggressive towards the offending driver.

external image roadrage-252x300.gif“Road rage; no one is mad at the road, they are mad at the lack of control.”

Electronic games are not all child's play and many are everything but instructional. 4 out of 5 of America's youth that plays video games, plays violent video games, and according to the experts, it shows! According to the suite101, the worst are driving games that have nothing to do with abilities, motorists have the choice to murder people walking on the sidewalk, get into accidents on purpose, and ruin property. Unfortunately, the terrible games featuring blood and gore can easily shape the minds of kids, but the number of teen deaths from real motor incidents has a very little influence on young drivers.

Top 10 cities with road rage
1. Johnson, AR external image alg_road-rage.jpg
2. Houston
3. Dallas
4. Baltimore
5. Springdale, AR
6. Baton Rouge
7. Youngstown
8. Aurora, IL
9. Atlanta assets.nydailynews.com10. Los Angeles

In current polls by the Road and Travel Magazine, motorist ages 18-24 (67%) Showed that they are to be more assertive than people driving who are 65 and older (30%). However, an interesting part of information is that drivers with kids are more likely to react more hostile (59%) than those that don’t have children (45 %.) The surveys also showed a surprising difference between cell phone users (59%) against people who don’t use cell phones while operating a vehicle (39%).

Colorado State Patrol-
Dial *CSP(*277), free from your cell phone to report road rage. Be prepared to give a license plate number, color and model of the barbaric vehicle, location and direction of travel and describe the aggressive insane driving.

external image comic---Dash-Basher---Reggi.jpg -great website for road rage, here on this website you can take tests, see statistics on where road rage is more of a problem than other places, videos, and much more that can help you deal with road rage.

As for belligerent interactions men (54%) are more probable than women (46%) to do so. Psychologists believe that the numbers are more for men because of a better habit to admit to reacting against others when mad or lead on than women. However, according to statistics women are quickly shutting this gap.

According to the Livestong Foundation, schools need to start road rage prevention programs. For example, create a road rage prevention teaching for inclusion in Driver's Education, Health classes, Psychology, Sociology or other classes. Of course, schools are already piled up with responsibility and curriculum musts. Maybe you as a teen, adult or child could do it as "public service"; it would be a great start to safe roads and happy communities.
Quotes- Do you bite your thumb at us, sir?....- This quote is Sampson overreacting to the Montagues biting there thumbs as they walk down the street.-This, by his voice, should be a Montague... Now, by the stock and honor of my kin, To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.- This is Tybalt over reacting that Romeo is at this big party, and he is later told by old Capulet that he needs to leave Romeo alone.


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