Combating Hate Crimes
1.Why is it a problem for American teens?
They disagree with what other people believe in mainly because they think its weird and different to them.
Some people are racist because it is a different race to them.

2.Why does it happen?
People are either scared of the fact that someone is different.
They don't like how someone is different.

3.What are the statistics on the problem?
according to Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund
33% of all known hate crime offenders are under 18
31% of all violent crime offenders and 46% of the property offenders are under 18.

29% of all hate crime offenders are 18-24.
30% of all victims of bias-motivated aggravated assaults and 34% of the victims of simple assault are under 18.
Most of the people that cause hate crimes are under 18 which could mean the child has parents that are racist or something else and it rubbed off on the child.
4.Who does it affect? Age groups? Cities vs. Country?
It can affect anyone. It deals with just about everyone.
You can be christian and you may possible be affected by it. It can terrorize communities.
It can cause people to move out of the city and find a new one.

5.Who is at risk?
Everyone is at risk. It can ruin peoples lives. People can die from this.
Some countries that have problems with this are Finland, Ireland, the Slovak Republic, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

6.What are some coping skills teens could learn?
They can learn to get along with everyone.
Learn to deal with life and what it gives to them.
Don't talk to the person that you don't like.
Try to talk to them, they might like things that you like.

7.What places could teens go for help? (centers, phone numbers)
They can go to for information
Another website is for more information to help teens with combating hate crimes.
Go to the school conselor.
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8.Possible Solutions to the problem for Teens
Don't talk to the person that you don't like. Try to avoid them.
Try to get along with them even if you don't like them.
They might have something in common that you like.
Go talk to the school conselor.
Visit websites on how to deal with hate crimes.
Talk to an adult that can give you advise about it.
Talk to a close friend that can give you advise.

9.Possible Solutions to the problem for Schools
Don't have them in the same class.
Have a one on one coversation with the child and find out why that person bothers them.
Have the conselor talk to the child.
Give a speech to the entire school about combating hate crimes.

10.Possible Solutions to the problem for Parents
Try to change their mind about why they don't like the kid.
Talk to the school conselor about ways to help their child.
Try to get the child into a sport so they will focus less on the person they don't like and more on the sport.

Benvolio:O noble Prince, I can discover all
The unlucky manage of this fatal brawl.
There lies the man, slain by young Romeo,
That slew thy kinsman, brave Mercutio.

There are hate crimes everywhere. People fought long ago and still today.
No matter what time period everyone will never get along in harmony.
Hate crimes can go as far as someone dying like in Romeo and Juliet where Mercutio and Tybalt both die because of hatred.

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